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Dylan Karger - Invest In Yourself

At this time of year we’re all about getting fit and healthy. Dylan Karger knows a thing or two about health, nutrition and fitness. As a personal trainer it’s his job to ensure his clients are taking the very best care of themselves. He’s about to go back to university, at the tender age of 33, to study nutrition and on top of all that he competes in Ironman competitions. Ironman sees participants swim 2.5 miles then cycle 120 miles before finally running a full marathon. Dylan spoke to us about getting active, staying active and looking after your health and joints to help in later life.

Staying fit is…

my absolute passion. I love the structure and the regime of training. It’s part of my identity. Of course there are times you really don’t want to get out of bed but if you want to compete you have to force yourself.

Ironman is just as much a…

mental battle as it is a physical one. Anyone can get round but it’s about pushing yourself. You condition yourself to keep going. You have a lot of the same conversations with yourself on these long distances. The biggest limiter is your brain. There’s a therapy there, exercise has always been a great outlet for stress.

I think a lot of people…

aren’t aware of what is healthy. There’s so much information out there, it’s so confusing and often quite conflicting. Recently there has been the question of ‘should we be eating more fats or carbohydrates?’ There’s many ways of skinning a cat but it’s about finding what is right for the individual.

There’s a holistic approach…

to health. You’ve got to eat right, exercise right all the way through to sleeping right. With my own training and health markers you learn that it’s about managing life-load. Stress responses, how your body deals with that, is key. Food and hormones affect everything we do. One influences the other. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral, where you eat badly and that in turn means you don’t have the energy to get active. So you end up sitting on the sofa, sleeping badly and then you’ve got low energy so you eat sugary foods to pick yourself up. And so the cycle starts again.

We live in a society where…

so many people are sedentary. For me that is the modern day equivalent of smoking. We’re in a world where at work, for most people, they’re at a desk eight or nine hours, seated. Then you get home and you probably have another few hours sitting on the sofa. Suddenly you’re looking at 14 hours a day sitting, not moving. It’s a disaster for later life. There’s an attitude when people are in their 20s or 30s that they feel fine so they don’t need to worry about it. But 20 years later it will hit.

You need to get active…

now to save your joints for later life. It’s preparation, because past a certain age you need to keep moving. Also lift heavy stuff to maintain your muscle strength and bone density. If you’ve got arthritis eat foods that won’t inflame it. Cut out sugars, get lots of oily fats. Move, eat a balanced diet and you’ll hopefully keep these things at bay.

Flexiseq is so helpful…

when I’m doing a lot of run training. When you’re running the kind of distances I run you notice a lot of grating and grinding in the knee joints. With Flexiseq that is eased considerably. I remember one of the first times I used it I slapped a bit on my knees before getting on the treadmill for a very high-intensity run. When I stopped my muscles were hot to touch, but my knees were cool as anything. That was when I knew this stuff was for real. Because it kept my knees operating smoothly. They feel better lubricated when I use it.

Things like nsaids

and Ibuprofen products have recently offered up some alarming figures as to what they can do to your body. To have something like Flexiseq that is drug free to get to the source of the pain rather than masking it is great.

You can follow Dylan on Twitter and also find out about his project Runner’s Wall and on Twitter.




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